How you can get involved: In order for this project to become a reality, we need support of the community. Every voice counts. Your questions and suggestions are welcome.

If you are in grades 9-12 or you know someone in these grades who would like to be a part of our Youth Taskforce, please contact us. Any time spent assisting with the development of the youth center can be used with the Dollars for Scholars program. 

Parents and adults: If you would be interested in mentoring or skill teaching with teens, you can call our office or send us an email. We are looking for individuals who have skills in areas such as gardening, car maintenance, cooking, writing, technology, etc. who would like the opportunity to share their interests! 

Contact us at:
(360) 378-8680 or

Donations for this project can be mailed to Safe San Juans P.O. Box 3175 or dropped off at any of our office locations. Please specify that it is for the youth center. 

Discover more information on The Cove and Why We Need It and continue to check in for updates on this exciting project.