Our Services 

San Juan: 360-378-2345         Orcas: 360-376-1234      Lopez: 360-468-4567

All the services we provide are free of charge and confidential.

Crisis Intervention and Counseling
: We provide crisis intervention and counseling through our 24 hour crisis lines below or in person at our
offices. We offer support and work with you to connect you with information and resources.

Advocacy Services: We work with you to continue to provide you the support you need. We are always available to listen, assist you with arranging services and connecting you to available resources, and provide you with a safe space to process what you are currently going through.

Legal Advocacy: An advocate can assist you with filling out and filing protection orders, as well as preparation for court and attending court dates with you for support.

Medical Advocacy: An advocate can meet you at the hospital or medical appointments and provide support and information so you can make informed choices.

Safety Planning: An advocate can work with you to create a personalized safety plan for yourself and the loved ones in your life.  

School Prevention: Our advocates work in the schools to educate and have discussions with children and teenagers regarding issues such as violence prevention, consent, boundaries, and healthy relationships. We currently utilize the
FLASH curriculum.

Support Groups: We offer psycho-educational and therapeutic support groups led by our therapists and advocates. You can check out our Events Calendar (Link to calendar) for more information on what support groups are currently being offered.

Therapy: We offer therapy with our masters level clinicians on a case by case basis. We also partner with therapists in the community and can provide referrals.